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When you visit our brewery, you'll enjoy your beer less than 100 feet from where it was made. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!

So come in. Have a seat. Enjoy a beer. Have a snack. Play some games. Watch your beer being brewed.


1023 Hamilton Street
Philadelphia, PA

Our Hamilton Street entrance

Our Hamilton Street entrance

an old manufacturing space made new again

Our home at 1023 Hamilton Street once manufactured parts for the trains that traveled the Reading Railroad. We are excited to highlight the character and natural beauty of the building. Old machinery, soaring ceilings, and lots of natural light.


We are about creating beer that’s enjoyed everywhere

On a bar stool next to a good friend, with a delicious meal, or on a couch at home. We’re about listening – truly hearing what others have to say about what we do. We’re about Philly – being a vital part of the city that we call home. We’re about working hard and having fun – putting our love of this craft into making each amazing beer. 


Love City Lager

Style: American Lager ABV: 4.0% Appearance: Light gold, clear

Hops: Cascade Malt: Brewers Malt & Pale Ale Bitterness: Low

Flavor: Lightly bready; floral & citrus aroma and hop character; clean, crisp finish

Notes: The first lager in American was brewed in Philadelphia! Proud to carry on the tradition.

Generator Wheat.png

Generator Wheat

Style: Belgian Witbier (ale) ABV: 4.2% Appearance: Straw, light haze

Hops: Columbus Malt: Brewers Malt, White Wheat, Raw Wheat, Oats Bitterness: Low

Flavor: Round, lightly malty; light stone fruit character; flavor & aroma of lemongrass, orange peel, coriander, & green peppercorn; dry finish

Notes: We add the spices listed above to the boil. Our first brew of this beer was before we had electricity in the building – it was powered by a generator!


Unity IPA

Style: American IPA ABV: 5.5% Appearance: Light amber, clear

Hops: Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic Malt: Brewers Malt & Pale Ale Bitterness: Moderate

Flavor: Moderate malt backbone; robust grapefruit & citrus flavor & aroma; hoppy finish

Notes: Depending on your preference, it was either named for the Op Ivy OR Queen Latifah song!


Hungry Harvest Gose

Style: Gose ABV: 3.8% Appearance: Straw, light haze

Malt: Pilsner & Wheat Bitterness: Low

Flavor: Light-bodied, tart, minimal saltiness, balanced with peach flavor

Flavor: Gose is a sour beer brewed with lactobacillus, which lends its tart flavor, and salt. Ours was brewed with 300 pounds of fresh peaches, donated by Hungry Harvest


Kool thing brut ipa

Style: Brut IPA ABV: 7.4% Appearance: Lt. gold, crystal clear

Hops: Mosaic, Pekko, Hull Melon, Simcoe Malt: Brewers Malt & Pale Ale Bitterness: Very low

Flavor: Lightly malty; berry & tropical fruit hop character; very dry finish; very effervescent

Notes: Brut IPA is a new style that originated in California. Characteristics include high carbonation, fruity hop flavors, very low bitterness


eraserhood north east ipa

Style: Hazy IPA; New England IPA ABV: 7.2% Appearance: Amber/peach color, hazy to opaque

Hops: Mosaic, Citra, Centennial Malt: Pale Ale, Brewers Malt, Oats Bitterness: Low

Flavor: Round & smooth; moderate malt backbone; huge mango, berry, & citrus hop flavor; fruity finish

Notes: Triple dry-hopped! It also goes through a “hop stand” to extract even more flavor